Not all dogs from hell!

I READ with interest your article on dogs wandering around Oakwell while not on a lead (Ranger's plea to keep dogs under control, News, March 25.)

Thursday, 8th April 2010, 10:52 am

I totally agree with this, but what I am sick to death of hearing about is the way Staffordshire bull terriers are treated like dogs from hell.

If a dog is aggressive or violent it is the owner's fault, not the dog's.

My dog, which is a Staffi, has been attacked on numerous occasions by other more 'socially acceptable' dogs like border collies – one actually tore the skin open on his head and he didn't fight back.

Smaller dogs always make a run at him and try to bite him!

Now if he fought back he would be a dangerous dog and no doubt the owner would be up in arms.

The media portray these dogs so badly – people in the street are scared of them even when they are on a lead.

My dog is not nasty, if he felt his life was at risk I know he would fight back.

But he treats other dogs with total irrelevance, he calmly walks away when they are hysterical.

All my dog wants to do is play; he is very affectionate and loyal, but I am not stupid enough to have him around small children because he would knock them over with licking their faces.

They say a dog mirrors its owners. I really think there is truth in that.

There are lots of nasty animals out there and lots of nasty owners. Try to get this in perspective, please.


High Street