LETTERS: Minister’s praise for youth group well deserved

Sunday, 8th February 2015, 1:00 pm
Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude visited Savile Town. (D543D502)

Youth group

Minister’s praise well deserved

The praise given to Savile Town youth group Kumon Y’all by government minister Francis Maude (Reporter, 16.1.15) is well deserved.

The work these young people are doing in building bridges between local communities is an example to us all.

Activities they have been involved in recently include fund-raising for charity, visiting elderly people in nursing homes, carrying out clean-ups and providing transport and refreshments for a toddlers’ group’s outing.

Some of these acts may appear small but they are in fact huge.

Many people talk about the problems facing the world today but these young people are actually doing something about them.

Their website states, ‘We refuse to say there is nothing we can do to change things.’

They are indeed changing things.

With every act that reaches out to another person outside their own immediate community they are doing their bit to tackle one of the biggest threats facing the modern world.

Each act of kindness is a strike for humanity in the face of extremists who don’t want us to see each other as human beings.

These young people and their mentors are a credit to their families, their community and our town.

Julie Halford

Oldroyd Way, Dewsbury