Sarah’s snow right!

I totally agree with you, (Sarah Hall: We’ve had a flurry of nonsense about snow, February 10) two inches of snow would have been overlooked when I was a child.

Tuesday, 28th February 2012, 7:00 am

I remember the snow being above my head and all the men in our street working together to clear a path to the main road and further so people could get out. It stayed for weeks but people still went to work. My father walked three miles to catch a bus to get him to work as our village was cut off. As a country we are not prepared for bad weather of any kind, we wear the wrong clothes, wrong footwear and can’t go anywhere if we don’t have transport. Car drivers don’t have experience of driving in such weather and most cars are not equipped to cope. The country would stop altogether if we ever had a snowfall of four feet or more.


Eighth Avenue



Snow has always fallen, even more so when I was a boy. In those days it was accepted and people got on with their lives and helped one another. There was no national reportage and forecasting doom and gloom as there is today. Press and the media whip us up into a frenzy, with over-reaction to many things.

My grandson lives in Estonia, he laughs at our attitudes as it can get down to minus 30 degrees at its lowest extremes in his country. The people accept what comes, snow is present for usually up to three months per year and sometimes up to depths of more than three feet. I am a Mr Grumpy but the old ways were good, if you can remember them.


Cemetery Road