New model yacht club at Wilton Park in Batley looking to sign up members

A new radio control club dedicated to the design, building and racing of model yachts has been formed at Wilton Park in Batley.

Monday, 9th August 2021, 11:30 am
The Kirklees Model Yacht Club has been formed at Wilton Park in Batley

The Kirklees Model Yacht Club, or KMYC for short, launched in late July. Members currently race four different classes of yacht suitable for enthusiasts of all ages.

A club spokesperson said: “There has been a club operating at the lake since 2008 but with the advent of Covid, together with some other factors, membership drifted away.

"We accomplished a great deal with the old club, including raising over £1,000 for the local blind school and decided that we would like to continue these good works while also enjoying ourselves.

"We formed the KMYC against this background from some original and new members. Kirklees Council were a great help in encouraging us to create the club and permitting the use of the lake for regular sailing.

"We now have a dozen mainly retired members and are looking to grow the club through recruiting local residents and those willing to travel to Batley from within Kirklees.

"Our current membership comprises of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to those capable of competing at national level.

"We sail every Wednesday, meeting at noon with racing starting at 12.30pm and continuing through to around 3pm or later if people wish. We also sail on Sunday mornings, mainly for fun but with some mild competition.

"If anyone out there is interested, please drop by any Wednesday, introduce yourselves and you'll be made very welcome. You'll also be given a yacht to sail.

"But beware, radio controlled yacht racing is simple, inexpensive, non-polluting and very addictive.

"It's also something you can learn very quickly but that takes a lifetime to master, so you're always learning something new.”