Plan to transform historic mill into apartments

Picture: Google.
Picture: Google.

The former Dewsbury Textile Working Mens Club could be turned into 10 apartments.

Kirklees Council received an application from A Wright to transform the town centre building in Oates Street. The club closed in autumn 2003 because of a decline in membership, the textile trade in the town, in club life generally and changes in town centre activities.
In its hey day there was a membership of 1,200 but this had dwindled to 116, with 33 life members.

The club dates back to the General Strike of 1926. Before then there was a social side to the town’s Textile Union dating back to 1917. The union was based in Textile Hall, in Union Street.

Members formed a Pot and Bun club – a club without beer, which proved successful. In 1923/4, members wanted their independence and the union gave them permission to form a club and their own rooms followed – this time with beer for members.
It was later named Dewsbury Branch National Union of Textile Workers’ Social Club. To view the application, visit