General Election: Lib Dems confirm candidate for Dewsbury

Dewsbury Liberal Democrat PPC John Rossington
Dewsbury Liberal Democrat PPC John Rossington

The Liberal Democrats have announced the prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Dewsbury.

John Rossington was appointed today as the new Lib Dem PPC for Dewsbury.

The appointment comes after the UK gears up for a General Election on December 12, in one of the most uncertain elections for many decades.

Mr Rossington, who has lived in Dewsbury's town centre for 15 years, recently retired as the manager of a substance misuse service, which helped people address their alcohol and drug

He previously managed a service which sought to help people sleeping rough to turn their lives around by gaining housing and employment and tackling other issues that were adversely affecting their lives.

Mr Rossington is keen to use that experience to help provide opportunities for those marginalised by society to lead more enriched lives to the benefit of both the individual and the community in which they live.

Other announced PPCs for Dewsbury include current Dewsbury Labour MP Paula Sherriff, and Conservative PPC Mark Eastwood.

At this time, parties including the Brexit Party and the Green Party are yet to announce any candidates for the Dewsbury constituency.