TRACY BRABIN: I’m furious about broken promise regarding pacer trains

Former Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. Picture Bruce Rollinson
Former Transport Secretary Chris Grayling. Picture Bruce Rollinson

After weeks and weeks of speculation, Conservative infighting, and more off the cuff policy promises you can count, it finally happened.

As expected, Boris Johnson was announced as last man standing in the Tory leadership election.

The next day it was Theresa May’s last appearance in the House of Commons as our Prime Minster, while a team of civil servants were packing the last of her belongings into moving boxes back in number 10 Downing Street.

Then, she was off to see the Queen and tender her resignation.

As quickly as she left, Boris Johnson arrived and now he’s Prime Minister.

If you’re wondering how this happened without your vote, well, you’re not alone.

Just over 100,000 Conservative party members were the only people who had a say.

It’s a system that’s sorely lacking in democracy and I suspect the public will convey their thoughts on this process at the next general election…

But for now, it’s Boris and he wasted little time in ringing the changes with many of Theresa May’s cabinet team sent to the back benches.

One departure few will be sad to see is the beleaguered former Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling (pictured).

Chaos or embarrassment were never far away during his time in office, whether it was train electrification delays, the ferry contract to a company with no ferries or the new timetabling nightmare, the list goes on and on.

And one thing I’m furious about is another broken promise, this time regarding Pacer trains.

We were told they would be gone and replaced by the end of the year, but now that isn’t going to happen.

Modern, high-quality trains, so we can travel in comfort isn’t too much to ask for, but once again, when it comes to rolling stock, it looks like the north is back of the queue.

Considering that, I imagine plenty of you have thought about ditching the car, or indeed the trains, and using a bike to get around or get to work instead.

Well, take inspiration from the team participating in The Jo Cox Way.

A group of cyclists who have made their way through some of our country’s most beautiful countryside from Batley to London, in just five days.

I take my hat off to them for their dedication, and determination.

While reading an update on their progress, I was really struck by their highlight, in their own words, “our regions up and down the country are filled with wonderful people doing amazing things for their communities. There is so much positive taking place, there is hope, and we most certainly have More In Common”.

Parliament has been packed away until September. I’m delighted that I’ll be able to spend more time in Batley and Spen in August. If you have an event coming up, or would like me to visit, or need some help, please don’t hesitate to contact me on