POLL: Drinks in a jam jar and chips in a bucket - or is it time for the return of the plate and glass?

Food on plates or slates?
Food on plates or slates?

Have you been out for food recently and been served your meal on wood or slate?

Maybe your chips came in a mug or bucket?

Or perhaps you've had your drink in a milk bottle or jam jar?

Many restaurants, pubs and bars are experimenting with alternative ways to serve their dishes - and we want to hear your thoughts about it!

Do you like the trend? Or do you, like the 84,000 members of the 'We Want Plates' Facebook group, prefer crockery and glassware?

If you run a restaurant, cafe, bar or pub in our area - or just like visiting them - we'd love to know whether you're embracing new ways of serving food or sticking to the traditional.

Let us know your views and send us pictures of your favourite - and least favourite - presented dishes. Email laura.drysdale@jpress.co.uk