Pyjama day highlights health drive

Staff at The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust have donned their pyjamas, highlighting a campaign to get people out of their hospital beds.

Sunday, 20th May 2018, 5:00 pm
MAJOR CAMPAIGN: Members of the team on Ward 11 at Dewsbury Hospital in their pyjamas.

The #EndPJparalysis Challenge is running across the UK until Tuesday 26 June and is aimed at getting patients out of bed, up and dressed.

Getting patients active has been shown to reduce the length of time they spend in hospital. To highlight their commitment to the challenge and get people talking about it, many members of the ward teams at Dewsbury Hospital wore their pyjamas to work for the day.

Patients of all ages benefit from being more active, but it’s particularly important for older people.

A person over 80 spending ten days in bed will lose ten percent of their muscle mass. Or to put it another way, a 10 day stint in bed can lead to the equivalent of 10 years of muscle ageing in someone over the age of 80.

Breeda Columb, assistant director of nursing at Dewsbury Hospital, said: “We’ve been asked by other staff members and visitors why we are wearing our pjs, which is great, it gives us an opportunity to talk to them about why it is so important for patients to get up, get dressed and get moving.

“A number of relatives said they never thought about bringing in clothes other than pyjamas for their loved ones, but after talking to us understood the benefits and importance and were going to bring some in the next time they visited.

“Other wards across the Trust are going to be doing all they can to support the initiative in the 70-day period in the hope that it then becomes common practice. During this time we will be hosting exercise classes with our therapists and afternoon teas on the wards and will be encouraging carers and relatives to support as much as they can.”