Rams director’s six months as president

Dewsbury Rams financial director Andrew Farrow.
Dewsbury Rams financial director Andrew Farrow.

The financial director of Dewsbury Rams has marked six months as president of the Rugby Football League.

Andrew Farrow, who has been connected to the club all his life, has represented the sport throughout the country in his ceremonial role.

Mr Farrow, from Ullwater Road, Hanging Heaton, has always lived in Dewsbury and is a co-owner of the club.

He said the Rams was the only club he would ever have been interested in being a part of and that it was close to his heart.

“I’m a Dewsbury lad born and bred, and I’ve been a lifelong supporter of the club,” he said.

“I wouldn’t have been involved with any other club except the Rams. Buying up rugby clubs is not something we do.”

Mr Farrow’s responsibilities as RFL president have included leading Boxing Day derby tributes to Dewsbury and Batley players who died during WWI.

It is the first time that anyone from the Rams has held the senior RFL position.

Mr Farrow, 54, said: “It was an honour to be asked. It was an honour to have our club represented at the highest level of rugby league.”

Mr Farrrow owned the Rams for 14 years and spent five on its committee. His father held a ceremonial role at the club not dissimilar to the presidential role with the RFL.

Mr Farrow’s day job involves buying up gold second-hand gold. He holds stalls in Morley’s indoor market, the Dewsbury Rams car boot sale and York racecourse, among others.