Retiring chemist says ‘thank you’

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A long-serving pharmacist has bid a fond farewell and a thank you to his loyal customers following his retirement.

George Mileusnic hung up his white coat last month after 34 years of running Mileusnic Chemists on Upper Commercial Street in Batley.

George, who turns 60 on St George’s Day next week, said that although he has enjoyed his first few weeks of life after work he will miss the dozens of customers he has become closely acquanited with since he set up the store himself in 1981.

He said: “I’ve mixed feelings really because I’ve served two or three generations of patients who I’ve looked after for such a long time.

“You get to know them so well and many of them know me by my first name. It was a hard decision to retire.

“I certainly won’t miss the bureaucracy and having to deal with emails telling you to do this and that but I’ve loved talking to people and helping them out.

“So I just wanted to say thank you to them all for being so loyal and sticking with me all these years.”

Father of two George, who grew up in Birstall, said that he was looking forward to remaining active in retirement and spending time on his passions, which include gardening and woodwork. He also has an old motorbike in his possession which he is hoping to restore to its former glory.

In spite of his absence, the chemists will remain open as he hands over to the new management team of Farooq and Riaz Patel.

However, as a kind gesture to their predecessor, the store will continue to operate under the Mileusnic name.