Schoolgirl reaches new heights with bounce-a-thon challenge

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Schoolgirl stephanie Bonham will reach new heights with a fundraising challenge in support of Epilepsy Action.

The eight-year-old is encouraging people to join her tomorrow for a 10,000 jump bounce-a-thon at Adrenaline International trampoline park in Liversedge.

Stephanie, who lives in Heckmondwike, was diagnosed with Epilepsy three years ago and wanted to support the organisation, which helps improve the lives of those with the condition.

Proud mum Lisa said: “Stephanie is often bouncing away on the trampoline in the garden and one day she said ‘mum, how many do you think I could do?’

“That quickly turned into, ‘do you think people would pay me if I did lots?’

“Stephanie does struggle with her Epilepsy and can get very down by taking medication every day to control it.

“She has been looking at how she can turn it into something positive and help other people.”

Stephanie will be joined by her school friends from Gomersal St Mary’s. Between them, they aim to bounce 10,000 times in one hour.

And they are encouraging people to visit the centre, between 5pm and 6pm, make a donation and join in to help them reach their goal.

Stephanie was having up to 30 ‘absent episode’ seizures per day, when she was diagnosed at the age of five.

She would briefly become ‘vacant’, losing all awareness and responsiveness, and stare blankly into space.

Mrs Bonham said: “I think Stephanie felt embarrassed about her Epilepsy at first.

“She couldn’t concentrate and she was worried people would think she was ignoring them.

“She gave a talk at school about it to help people understand and everybody has been brilliant. We are very proud of her. She’s a proper trooper.”

To sponsor Stephanie, visit