Scott completes Transylvania feat

FIVE-DAY TREK: Scott Brant during his Transylvanian journey.
FIVE-DAY TREK: Scott Brant during his Transylvanian journey.

A Mirfield man has helped raise more than £160,000 for charity after completing a five-day trek through the Transylvanian Alps in Romania.

Scott Brant, director at Vizulate Digital in Brighouse, completed the challenge as one of 60 people chosen from more than 400 applicants to help raise funds for breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!

CoppaFeel! helps prevent late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer by raising awareness of its signs and encouraging women to check their breasts regularly throughout their lifetime.

The trek saw Scott walk alongside celebrity team leaders Tom Fletcher of pop band McFly, and model/DJ Lisa Snowdon.

He tackled the rugged wilderness and the region’s impressive mountain ranges, climbing over 2,400m above sea level.

He also visit Romania’s famous landmark, Bran Castle, more famously known as Dracula’s Castle.

Scott said: “Walking the Transylvanian Alps was incredible. I knew I was in for an experience and challenge of a lifetime when I went to Romania but I seriously underestimated both. I was glad I’d done some training as I wouldn’t have been able to tackle the mountain without it.

“I had a microdisectemy in 2017 following slipped discs in my lower back, so I was relieved that my back and the rest of my body held up.

“You assume everyone is there because of an experience with breast cancer, but there were those overcoming personal battles with mental health issues, some who’d just had a rubbish few years and wanted to put things behind them, and others who just wanted to step outside of their comfort zones – be it socially, physically or mentally – for the experience of a lifetime.”