SLIDESHOW: “Pink pigeon” wings its way into Mirfield!

Everyone knows Mirfield is a great place to live, with people from all over the country coming to make their homes in the town.

But the latest inhabitant seems to be attracting some attention – due to their unusual plumage!

The “pink pigeon” has become the talk of the town after several spottings around the canal/Station Road area have left Reporter Series readers in a flap about the mysterious winged beast.

Chirpy Claire Roberts said: “I have seen it for the past few weeks on the roofs near my house.

“Everybody said to me ‘you are crazy’ whenever I told them about it, so I had to take a picture!”

She added that the pigeon does not have a ring or tag on it, meaning it is likely that it would be wild, rather than an escaped pet.

Pigeon fancier Andrew Silver has been keeping the birds for around 30 years, and believes this could be a particularly rare breed.

“It looks pink to some people,” he said. “But I think this could be a variety of orange pigeon, as they are much more adaptable to our environment.

“They are normally only used as show pigeons, and I don’t think I have ever seen one in the wild.”

Since we asked the question on Facebook on Friday, we have been busy pecking away at responses from our readers.

Leslie Drake, who lives in Priory Way, said: “The pigeon is in my garden most mornings, it is more of an orange colour with black underneath by its tail.

Angela Drain added: “I saw it on the canal by Lidl.”

Have you seen the pigeon? Get in touch at, or post your pictures to Twitter with the hashtag #pinkpigeon.