Still no sentence for Morley DIY business

Al Murad, Howley Park Road, Morley. (d610a451)
Al Murad, Howley Park Road, Morley. (d610a451)

Sentencing for a DIY business that pleaded guilty to 20 health and safety breaches has been adjourned.

Al Murad DIY Ltd, which has stores in Morley and Batley, has now made a bid to change its original plea after claiming that they were “improperly represented” when the case first went before magistrates in December.

The charges against the firm, brought by the West Yorkshire Fire Service, include failing to keep fire exits clear, possessing faulty alarms and keeping fire doors locked.

They were fined £128,000 in December but that ruling was retracted last month when it was declared that magistrates did not have the power to impose a fine of over £100,000.

Imran Khan, counsel for the defence, also told Leeds Crown Court that the firm had complied with enforcement notices given by the Fire Service and that the judicial process against the company had been “abusive”.

The case will return to court in April.