Thief conned kind-hearted parishioner

A THIEF who asked for a glass of water from a parishioner stole her purse while her back was turned.

Thursday, 28th June 2012, 11:19 am

Police said the thief turned up at St Thomas’ Church last Wednesday. He named another parishioner, who he said would be there shortly and would want a glass of water.

The supposed connection to a church member caused the lady to trust the trickster alone in the church.

When she returned with the drink the man had gone. It wasn’t until later that day she noticed her purse was missing from her handbag.

Church warden Jeremy Parkinson said: “Is nothing sacred anymore? Seemingly not to some people.

“This sort of crime just shows the desperation of some people today.”

Mr Parkinson said it was extremely distressing that something like this had happened.

He said the victim was being very stoic about the incident, which happened shortly after 9am last Wednesday, and wasn’t harmed in any way.

It is believed the thief only made off with the woman’s purse, which contained a bus pass and a small amount of cash.

“It’s more the fact that someone has the brass neck to do something like this,” Mr Parkinson added.

“Other churches and organisations should be aware of these tactics.”

Anyone with information should call the police via 101.