One-way road plan in Queensbury branded a ‘nightmare’

Manager of Chapel Street's Marquis Taxi, Sajjad Rashid
Manager of Chapel Street's Marquis Taxi, Sajjad Rashid

BUSINESSES IN the heart of Queensbury are up in arms after plans have been released to turn part of a village route into a one-way system.

Chapel Street traders, including manager of the street’s Marquis Taxis, Sajjad Rashid, received letters about the move from Bradford Council.

Queensbury Councillor Robert Hargreaves

Queensbury Councillor Robert Hargreaves

The letter stated a proposal for a one-way system from the High Street direction, ending before Croydon Street, plans Mr Rashid has called to be scrapped.

Mr Rashid, who lives in Bradford, said: “We have 25 drivers who will have massive problems if these plans go ahead.It will cause more congestion to a busy part of Queensbury, especially at peak times.

“The two-way system alleviates traffic from both ends of the street.”

The plans also propose an introduction of 30-minute parking bays, with no-return one-hour restrictions.

Scott McKinley, owner of McKinley's fish and chip shop

Scott McKinley, owner of McKinley's fish and chip shop

“The parking bays won’t make a difference to the businesses because we all have our own parking,” said Mr Rashid.

Scott McKinley, owner of neighbouring business McKinley’s fish and chip shop, said: “It would be a nightmare for Queensbury and could cause havoc for nearby roads Chapel Lane and New Park Road.”

Queensbury councillor, Robert Hargreaves said: “I pushed for these changes, although they’ve been on the table for many years.

“I sympathise with the issues, but this is an important piece of work for the safety of pedestrians.

“Speeding and parking issues are potentially fatal and we have to protect people before worrying about adding a couple of minutes to someone’s journey.

“Marquis Taxis and Q1 MOT Station are both protected as the one-way system will start after their parking areas.”

A Bradford Council spokesperson, said: “We’re proposing a new one-way system on a section of Chapel Street.

“The new layout would provide enhanced road safety and additional parking spaces.”

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