Widow disgusted at sentence of drink-driver who killed her husband

Eric Codling with his wife Karen and their daughters Grace, 12, and Eve, nine.
Eric Codling with his wife Karen and their daughters Grace, 12, and Eve, nine.

A furious widow has slammed British justice after being told that the speeding drink-driver who killed her cycling husband will only spend six months behind bars.

Dad-of-two Eric Codling, 55, was on his Sunday morning ride when he was hit by Emma Egan at almost 70mph - twice the speed limit.

Eric Codling.

Eric Codling.

Egan, a beauty therapist, had spent the night drinking and was chasing her boyfriend after being jilted moments before.

A court heard her own sister was killed by a drink-driver eight years earlier.

Egan, then 26, from Dewsbury, was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving at Sheffield Crown Court in July 2014 and jailed for four years.

But it has emerged she was moved to an open prison in February with more relaxed rules after just six months.

And this month, she could be granted open conditions – allowing her escorted shopping trips and days out.

Her victim’s distraught widow Karen, who was informed in a letter from the probation service, said: “Where is the justice?

“It looks to me like the justice that was handed down to Emma Egan in July 2014 is an absolute joke.

“This is no deterrent. For God’s sake, she took a life. On November 3 2013, my life changed forever.

“Eric’s beautiful daughters have lost their daddy, something they continue to struggle with every single day.

“I really cannot imagine how they feel, and it is heartbreaking trying to help them come to terms with all this.”

Mrs Codling, of Sheffield, said she was angry Egan had only served six months in a secure prison. She said she and the couple’s daughters Grace and Eve, were still coming to terms with Eric’s death.

“I wish I could do something.

“My girls, Eric’s family and I are the ones who are still suffering and will do forever,” said Karen.

Speaking after Egan’s sentence last year, she said: “This is not justice - is Eric’s life only worth four years?”

“We don’t feel there has been any justice.”