Letter: Protestations over Mirfield Town Council closure are hypocritical

As former Mirfield urban district councillors, we share Coun Kath Taylor’s regret that Mirfield Council Offices may be sold.

However, there is a smell of hypocrisy about her protestations. A sale would not be needed if the Tory-led Government were treating Kirklees Council fairly.

We think Coun Taylor still is a Conservative. If the Government had made a similar grant to Kirklees as it is making to its southern stronghold councils the drastic cuts that are being forced on our council would not be necessary.

If Mirfield’s Tory councillors can come up with a good reason why the council offices should not be sold and they can convince Kirklees that their retention should have a greater priority than supporting the council’s budgets, I will be delighted.

Michael Hutchinson, Jean Megahy and Denis Ripley

Former Urban District Councillors for Mirfield

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