More co-ed places needed in our towns

I read with interest the article by headteacher Brigid Tullie of Batley Free Grammar School, saying that the available places for local children were being raised to 90 per cent.

This sounds impressive until you do the maths and realise in real terms that is an extra eight places (four each for Batley and Birstall children). When you consider there are only 84 places for children going into year seven to be raised to 92 that is 46 each to Batley and Birstall children (with 554 applications for admission; as I stated in 2011 when the campaign for a mixed school was in full swing you stand a better chance of winning the lottery!).

As this is our only co-educational school in the local area it is pretty pathetic.

I would like to make it quite clear I think Batley Grammar school is doing a good job, but it is a school and can’t admit more children than its maximum capacity. It is just a shame no-one, including this government, listened when Batley Girls’ High was changed to an Academy, thereby in effect ruling out ever getting a co-educational school in the area.

Well, Coun Khan what happened? You told parents and children that their co-educational school of choice would be Batley Free Grammar and parents should have the option of single sex schools; what about all those parents who don’t want that option, don’t they count?

Obviously looking at the figures the school of choice for a lot of local parents is NOT single sex; hence many Birstall children attend Bruntcliffe High which is in the Leeds area, therefore with no guarantee of a place!

An apology to these parents would be nice but I suppose that is going a step too far; or are there plans to increase the number of places for co-education within the area, you tell us?

I suppose like a lot of other things it has now been swept under the carpet!


Windmill Lane