KBW boxing duo Zaid and Zeeshan enjoy success

KBW boxing duo Zaid and Zeeshan enjoy success

Thursday, 28th October 2021, 7:00 am
KBW's Zeeshan Suleman who beat Mike Ianson, of Halton Moor ABC.

With the National Championships put back to this weekend KBW’s Zaid Maniar warmed up with a contest on a dinner show in Hull.

Boxing over three two-minute rounds, Zaid was up against Antonio Brien, of St Paul’s Boxing Club.

Brien came out fast and aggressive, catching Maniar off guard in the opening round and landing some clean punches as he did not let the Dewsbury boxer settle into his rhythm.

KBW boxer Zaid Maniar and his latest opponent Antonio Brien.

Maniar regrouped and came out in the second round ready for Brien’s pressure, keeping him at bay with his long jab.

Zaid worked behind his jab to set up combinations and move out of the way of any incoming blows from his opponent. He had now settled and was boxing to his strengths.

Knowing the fight was close, both boxers came out for the third and final round wanting to stamp their authority. Brien kept the pressure on, but was beginning to tire and Maniar stuck to boxing, landing his shots and moving.

The St Paul’s boxer was trying to trap Zaid against the ropes and land his punches to the body. He had some success in doing this, but Maniar was landing the more cleaner telling blows.

After three minutes of action the bout was awarded to Zaid via a split decision.

Boxing on only a few hours notice was Zeeshan Suleman. The KBW boxer had not fought in over two years due to the ongoing pandemic.

He was up against Mike Ianson, of Halton Moor ABC, on their home show with the bout made over three two-minute rounds. Both boxers weighed in at 56kg.

Eager to get rid of any ring rust, Suleman set a ferocious pace, immediately taking his assault to his opponent’s body. Ianson tried his best to keep the KBW boxer away, but Suleman was landing to head and body.

Round two saw Ianson boxing behind a tight guard and trying to keep the fight long. But Suleman was determined to maintain the pace he had set in the first round.

Closing the gap with his jab, Suleman then landed his punches to Mike’s body. A solid hook to the body and head combination rocked Ianson who took refuge on the ropes.

Zeeshan kept his opponent there and landed some clean and crisp shots.

By round three both boxers were tired and the pace naturally had slowed down. Ianson was slightly fresher of the two, but Zeeshan with his slick head movement was proving hard to hit cleanly.

Zee kept his guard tight and walked his opponent down. At the end of the fight he saw his hand raised as the winner on a unanimous points decision.

In a busy week for the club, KBW also had Adam Rasool and Reece Hussain out boxing.