Training Cave boxers answer late calls to make appearances on York show

Training cave boxers faced a hectic weekend with bouts in Wakefield and York last weekend.

Thursday, 22nd November 2018, 6:00 am
Training Cave coach Steven Auty, Noah Nicholls, Iyran Walker and Aron Bedford.

Brandon Brearley fought on Friday at the Lightwaves Leisure Centre in Wakefield.

It was a 50-50 fight but Brearley was getting caught with straight shots by his much taller opponent.

The Training Cave boxer worked his way into the fight and cut the ring well but it just wasn’t enough to earn victory, although Brearley admitted after that it had been a great experience and learning curve.

The Training Cave were only scheduled to have 11-year-old Iyran Walker in a skills fight in York but on the morning of the show coaches received several phone calls as many bouts had fallen through.

The club was offered fights for Noah Nicholls and Aaron Bedford, who accepted them without hesitation.

These lads are always ready and there was no question whether they could be relied on.

Walker led the way with a solid performance in his second skills fight.

He is already showing great control in the ring and appears calm under pressure.

He is also showing a big heart and isn’t scared to try out different moves in front of the crowd as he produced a very tidy performance.

Nicholls started slowly and was probably down on the cards after the first round.

He then upped the pace in the second to even the score.

Nicholls shot out of the blocks in the last round and did not stop working until the final bell.

He was cutting the ring and working from body to head with his trademark hooks and won on a split decision.

Aaron Bedford didn’t even get chance to warm up as he was listed to box after the interval but was called up unexpectedly.

He quickly put on his kit, threw a few punches on the pads and jogged to the ring.

Bedford started slow and again the Training Cave fighter was down on the cards before starting to figure his opponent out.

Bedford used the jab to work his opponent to the ropes and won rounds two and three to take victory by a split decision.