Coates produces excellent display to claim Spen Winter Sweep bowls victory

Gareth Coates won the seventh leg of the Spen Victoria Winter Sweep competition, defeating Ash Tattersley 21-17 in the final last Saturday.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 6:09 am
Spen Victoria Winter Sweep round seven winner Gareth Coates receives his prize from Kevin Wood.

Coates had been beaten at the semi-final stage the previous week but overcame Anthony Rukin to reach the final.

Tattersley got a pair at the first end, only to then concede three twos to go 6-2 behind.

The jack changed hands frequently over the next few ends but Coates kept just ahead at 9-5 only for Tattersley to then put together a seven break to move into a 12- 9 lead,

Coates stopped the rot with a pair, but then conceded the next three singles as Tattersley moved 15-11 ahead and looked in a strong position to win his second sweep in three weeks.

Coates showed his resilience to put together an eight break and turn the game to lead 19-15.

Tattersley managed a couple of singles, but Coates finished the game off with a pair at the 29th end to seal a 21-17 success.

Coates had overcome Rukin, making his first semi-final appearance, 21-15 in the last four, while Tattersley defeated Josh Mordue 21-7 in his semi.

Spen Victoria Winter Sweep

Week Seven Results

Preliminary round: Neil Simpson 21, Colin Scorah 12; Derek Hewitt 21, Paul Burke 18; Gordon Bradford 19, Lorraine Hirst 21; Chris Mordue 16, Mitch Toth 21; Adam Ward 21, Chris Bly 14; Mark Regan 21, Paul Holt 11.

First round: Andy Gallagher 21, Alan Forest 2; Duncan Reeves 7, Andy Thornton 21; Frank Griffin 21, Suzy Ladbrooke 18; Anthony Rukin 21, Mally Fowler 16; Jack Dyson 14, Paul Morgan 21; Gareth Coates 21, Garry Walker 10; Tony Riley 16, Gary Wike 21; Mark Connelly 21, Thomas Scorah 18; Josh Mordue 21, Bailey Rice 5; Danny Teale 21, Kevin Wood 11; Marc Armitage 21, Karen Hill 15; Andy Smith 11, Kez Smith 21; Ash Tattersley 21, Andy Taylor 8; Neil Simpson 21, Derek Hewitt 15; Lorraine Hirst 21, Mitch Toth 12; Adam Ward 20, Mark Regan 21.

Second Round: Andy Gallagher 21, Andy Thornton 20; Frank Griffin 6, Anthony Rukin 21; Paul Morgan 6, Gareth Coates 21; Gary Wike 21, Mark Connelly 18; Josh Mordue 21, Danny Teale 20; Marc Armitage 11, Kez Smith 21; Ash Tattersley 21, Neil Simpson 10; Lorraine Hirst 13, Mark Regan 21.

Quarter-Finals: Andy Gallagher 12, Anthony Rukin 21; Gareth Coates 21, Gary Wike 11; Josh Mordue 21, Kez Smith 15; Ash Tattersley 21, Mark Regan 14.

Semi-Finals: Anthony Rukin 15, Gareth Coates 21; Josh Mordue 7, Ash Tattersley 21.

Final: Gareth Coates 21, Ash Tattersley 17.