Family plaque in memory of Terry

THE family of a former Batley RL player and ultra-keen supporter, the late Terry Gavaghan, have combined to provide a plaque at Mount Pleasant in his memory and raise money for the club and Kirkwood Hospice.

Monday, 24th October 2011, 8:00 am

Terry, who died four years ago, played for Batley in the late 1950s and always maintained a close link with the club, taking his wife Marie, children and subsequently grandchildren to all home matches and he was a member of the ex-Players’ Association.

Kirkwood Hospice have a community stand at Mount Pleasant and run a scheme whereby anyone is able to make a donation and have a commemorative plaque on a seat for a family member. Fifty per cent of the proceeds go to the Hospice and 50 per cent to the club. .

Karen McGowan, a daughter of Terry Gavaghan, said: “Dad loved watching Batley and followed them all his life. He loved the club and taking the family to matches, particularly to Mount Pleasant, became a routine for us all. He loved to stand on the terrace in the bottom corner and it became part of our lives. My daughters are 23 and 21 and they still go to matches.

“We have always felt at home at Mount Pleasant and attend all the functions we can as well as matches, it has been a big part of our family.

“Dad spent the last few weeks of his life in a hospice and we decided to do something to remember him by and also to help Kirkwood and the Bulldogs. We think its a lovely idea for us to be able to do something in his memory and we hope many other people will follow suit.”

For further details contact the Bulldogs (01294 470062).