Knight strikes gold at North East regional swimming championships

Borough of Kirklees swimmers returned from the North East Regional Championships in Sunderland with an impressive haul of medals and several other fine displays.
Borough of Kirklees swimmers returned from the North East Regional Championships in Sunderland with an impressive haul of medals and several other fine displays.

Borough of Kirklees swimmers competed at the North East regional age group championships in Sunderland over the weekend of October 28 and 29 when they returned with a host of medals and impressive performances.

Ruby Knight led the way as she won gold medals in the 400 metres individual medley and the 400m freestyle, while also collecting two silver medals.

Luke Smith won gold in the 100m backstroke and also claimed a silver and bronze medal.

Lexie Woodhead returned with a silver and two bronze, Jacob Grierson won two bronze and Emily Brook won a bronze and had five other top 10 finishes.

North East Regional Championships — October 28 and 29


Lillie Bryant — 400m Individual Medley fifth, 800m Freestyle ninth.

Rory Bryant — 50m backstroke sixth, 50m Butterfly sixth, 100m Individual Medley sixth, 50m freestyle eighth.

Ruby Knight — 400m Individual Medley Gold, 400m Freestyle Gold, 200m Freestyle Silver, 100m Individual Medley Silver.

Jess Hartley — 50m Breaststroke eighth.

James Plant — 100m Freestyle ninth, 50m Backstroke 10th, 100m Backstroke seventh.

Luke Smith — 100m Backstroke Gold, 50m Butterfly Silver, 50m Backstroke Bronze, 100m Butterfly fourth, 50m Freestyle seventh.

Emily Oliver — 400m Freestyle fourth, 200m Freestyle sixth, 100m Freestyle seventh.

Daniel Jackson — 200m Breaststroke sixth, 200m Individual Medley seventh, 200m Butterfly eighth.

Lexie Woodhead — 200m Freestyle Silver, 400m Freestyle Bronze, 800m Freestyle Bronze.

Luke Clegg — 1500m Freestyle fifth, 400m Individual Medley fourth, 200m Individual Medley eighth, 400m Freestyle 10th

Jacob Grierson 100m Breaststroke Bronze, 100m Butterfly Bronze, plus seven top 10 finishes.

Brody Clarke — 100m Backstroke 10th, 50m Butterfly sixth.

Martin Smith — 200m Breaststroke fifth, 100m Freestyle 10th, 200m Freestyle eighth, 50m Freestyle ninth.

Emily Brook — 400m Individual Medley Bronze plus five top 10 finishes.

n Borough of Kirklees had four swimmers competing at the junior and senior championships at Ponds Forge over the weekend of November 4 and 5.

Millie Boulding returned with a hat-trick of freestyle gold medals in the 200, 400 and 800 metre events.

Avril Bowler also reached the finals of the 100 metre freestyle, 50 metre breaststroke and 50 metre freestyle events.

Adam Law was sixth in the 400m individual medley, seventh in the 400m freestyle and fifth in the 1500m freestyle, while Rebecca Thornton was seventh in the 200m freestyle and fourth in the 400m freestyle.


Avril Bowler — 100m Freestyle Final, 50m Breaststroke Final, 50m Freestyle Final.

Adam Law — 400m Individual Medley sixth, 400m Freestyle seventh, 1500m Freestyle fifth.

Milly Boulding — 200m Freestyle Gold, 400m Freestyle Gold, 800m Freestyle Gold.

Rebecca Thornton — 200m Freestyle seventh, 400m Freestyle fourth.

n Seven swimmers from the Borough of Kirklees disability squad returned from the four-day Special Olympic Games at Ponds Forge with a gold, seven silver and six bronze medals, plus a gold in a relay race.

The group were accompanied by their volunteer coaches Gemma Hill-Wood, Ed Lim and Olivia Davies with Emily McKevitt, Ruben Reuter, Zoe Rank, Rebekah Hill, Aisling Connelly, Joanne Kempley and Jack Drennan taking part.