Lasses upset by lack of tact – Town victory dents Trophy hopes

HEY UP, somebody has been upsetting the lasses, which is always dangerous.

Saturday, 2nd June 2012, 7:30 am

First some tactful athletics official apparently said gold medal prospect Jessica Ennis is too fat.

Then Sky TV showed a similar level of tact by leaving the Women’s FA Cup final, between Birmingham and Chelsea, at the penalty shootout stage, to show Huddersfield Town and Sheffield United warming up at Wembley. That really set the kettle boiling and the feminists came out in droves with lots of twittering.

I have to admit Jessica doesn’t look like one of those lasses who rumble round the town centre with trousers well below the navel, pushing a pram. She is reported to be 5ft 5in and nine stone, which doesn’t seem massive. There are also stories of lots of young girl athletes having eating problems because of remarks they are overweight. I bet the person who criticised Jessica has a beer belly.

One thing’s for sure when the Olympics come round nobody will tell the women shot putters they need to cut down on the chip butties, otherwise they’ll get a large ball shoved in their fag bracket.

People probably had a case about the shootout. There’s little point in watching two hours of a final and then being told to switch to the red button - whatever that is - to see the penalties. After all if you’ve seen one player warming up, you’ve seen them all.

You could imagine the reaction if Sky switched off the Town-United penalties to cover a women’s tennis warm-up.

Huddersfield fans were celbrating a great triumph. They always look on the dark side and the bad news is promotion means their chances of winning the Johnstone Paints Trophy have gone. Still it will soon be the Europa Cup.

England duly wiped out the West Indies in the second Test at Trent Bridge when fast bowler Jimmy Anderson needed a quiet word of warning when he lost his temper because he couldn’t bowl out Darren Sammy or Marlon Samuels and gave them some stick. Jimmy says you shouldn’t take the aggression and passion out of cricket.

I wonder if he would have said that if the WIndies still had bowlers such as Holding, Roberts, Garner, Ambrose, the frightening Colin Croft and the monster who was Sylvester Clarke.

I saw an example of cricketing ‘passion’ at a club match on Sunday when the wicketkeeper appealed for a stumping which was turned down. He walked to the middle of the pitch and stood with his hands on his hips for at least a minute holding the ball. There should be a sin-bin for these clowns.

Incidentally the century by Sammy was said to be only the third of his life and one was for Old Millhillians against Hemel Hempstead. I wonder if the Hemel bowlers swore at him.

Good to see boxer Carl Froch again win a world title. He is a fighter who has never ducked anyone, yet at 34 is a virtually unknown. At the same time Audley Harrison, who is now 40, won what was said to be a comeback fight. For a comeback you have got to have been somewhere.

England’s football heroes won a warm-up game for the Euros, beating Norway 1-0 in a fairly low-key game but at least the win didn’t bring early calls for Harry Redknapp to replace Roy Hodgson. Give them time. Talking of managers and people are still turning down Aston Villa, even though they are a ‘big club’.

The Rugby League seem happy that more than 64,000 saw the Magic Weekend in Manchester. It seems a poor do with the whole of Super League to draw from.