Memories of Howden Clough Sunday school

LAST month we reported that the monthly morning worship sessions are to stop at Howden Clough Methodist Church. Our story got reader Billy Harrison reminiscing.

Wednesday, 29th August 2012, 10:09 am

He dug out this picture of a Sunday school class, taken in 1935, at the Nab Lane chapel.

The class was the last to be taken in Howden Clough, as the Sunday school closed four years after this photograph was taken because of the Second World War.

“You used to go there when you were three years old and you’d stay there until you were eight, then you’d go to Brownhill or the Wesleyan chapel,” Mr Harrison said.

“We used to go there for teachings and we’d sing hymns.”

Now 81 and living in Leeds Road, Howden Clough, Mr Harrison added: “I was four when that photograph was taken, and I can still remember it being done.”

He can also name everyone on the photograph.

On the back row are Kenneth Healey, Donald Gear, Michael Fresh, Gertrude and Molly Fozard, Jack Holmes and teacher Miss Cragg.

On the middle row are Dennis Draper, Miss Armitage, Donald Healey, Kenneth Pickard, Derek Wilkinson, Colin Hirst, Jean Banes, June Walker and Arthur Tetley.

On the front row are Jackie Binns, Billy Harrison, Eric Mortimer, Derek Bedford, Connie Church, William Hillingworth and Margo Clark.

The News reported in July the morning worshippers will meet at Birstall Methodist Church from September.

The Wesley Playhouse remains open in Nab Lane, and Playhouse Praise continues on the second Sunday of the month at 4pm.