Fowler edges out old rival Mordue to earn Spen Winter Sweep win

Mally Fowler won round eight of the Spen Winter Sweep bowls competition last Saturday when he edged out old rival Chris Mordue 21-20 in a thrilling final.

Friday, 27th December 2019, 5:55 am

The semi-final draw kept the two quality bowlers apart as Mordue overcame in form Derek Hewitt 21-13 and a close affair saw Fowler edge past Gareth Coates 21-19 before the large crowd were then treated to a masterclass of bowling.

Mordue raced into a 5-1 lead but Fowler used his many years of experience hit back with a break of seven to lead 8-5.

The next six ends were split between the two, each scoring braces before a couple of singles saw Mordue back in the game at 14-13.

Fowler hit back with a single of his own and then led two great bowls in the corners to put pressure on Mordue, who replied with a pair of his own to level at 15-15.

A poor lead let Fowler in for a pair only for him to then produce a poor lead which allowed Mordue in for a pair.

Further pairs were exchanged to leave the thrilling contest all square again at 19-19.

Singles were then exchanged to make in 20-20 with Mordue having the jack in hand and favourite to seal victory.

Leading a foot bowl to the side Fowler fizzed his first bowl through leaving Chris with a dilemma of wether to go for a pair of block the end up but in the end he did neither leaving Fowler to play a perfect bowl resting Mordue out to win the game.

It was a fabulous performance from Fowler but Mordue also deserves huge credit for playing his part in a thrilling final between the two top class bowlers.

Spen Winter Sweep

Week Eight Results

First round: A Bairstow 21, D Teale 17; M Wensley 16, M Regan 21; S Edmondson 9, D Hewitt 21; C Scorah 15, K Smith 21; C Mordue 21, A Forrest 10; P Burke 12, A Thornton 21; L Hirst 21, A Smith 18; A Rukin 21, M Connelly 17; T Scorah 15, G Coates 21;G Walker 21, J Wike 11; S Ladbrooke 21, D Goodhall 19; C Bly 21, A Wolfenden 17; J Mordue 15, M Fowler 21; P Holt 9, K Hill 21; N Slattery 21, A Gallagher 15; N Simpson 19, G Wike 21.

Second Round: A Bairstow 10, M Regan 21; D Hewitt 21, K Smith 15; C Mordue 21, A Thornton 12; L Hirst 21, A Rukin 9; G Coates 21, G Walker 7; S Ladbrooke 11, C Bly 21; M Fowler 21, K Hill 13; N Slattery 21, G Wike 17.

Quarter finals: M Regan 19, D Hewitt 21; C Mordue 21, L Hirst 11; G Coates 21, C Bly 16; M Fowler 21, N Slattery 16.

Semi-finals: M Fowler 21, G Coates 19; C Mordue 21, D Hewitt 13.

Final: C Mordue 20, M Fowler 21.