Gallagher defeats Edmondson in first win at Spen Winter Sweep

Andrew Gallagher triumphed in round seven of the Spen Winter Sweep last Saturday on a day which brought several surprise results.

Friday, 20th December 2019, 8:25 am
Sarah Edmondson in action on her way to defeating N Slattery at last weeks Spen Winter Sweep competition.
Sarah Edmondson in action on her way to defeating N Slattery at last weeks Spen Winter Sweep competition.

Sarah Edmondson defeated two time Sweep winner Ashley Tattersley 21-19 in the first round and followed up by putting Slattery, Kez Smith and Andy Thornton to the sword to reach the final.

In the other half of the draw, Gallagher managed to beat Speed, Derek Hewitt, Simpson and the wily old campaigner Fowler to take up the other final spot.

The previous week’s winner Mike Sweeney also exited early, at the hands of in form Derek Hewitt, and 12 of the 16 first round ties went to the under dogs.

With Mark Regan, Tattersley, Speed, Coates and both Mordue’s out, the field was wide open for Gallagher and Edmundson to battle to the final.

Gallagher took an early 2-1 lead before Edmondson won the jack and headed straight for the corners, which she had bowled so well all day.

With the green starting to change pace Gallagher struggled to compete as Edmondson raced into a 13-2 lead.

When Edmondson uncharacteristically bowled two poor bowls, Gallagher jumped in for a brace to make it 13-4.

It was Gallagher’s turn to start to lead shortening the length down and three doubles followed by a single brought the game back to 13-11.

However, Gallagher then bowled two poor bowls and Edmondson jumped in with a brace of her own.

Chalks where exchanged until the crucial part of the game came with Edmondson leading 18-16 and with block in hand she left two bowls short and Gallagher levelled at 18-18.

Gallagher bowled two within 18 inches and Edmondson played through clipping the jack but not hard enough as he led 20-18.

Gallagher bowled a tricky mark across the crown and followed with a bowl three feet away, which was good enough to give him his first ever win at Spen.

Spen Winter Sweep - Week 7 Results

Preliminary round: M Wensley 21, P Holt 10; J Wike 21, S Ladbrooke 12; G Walker 14, J Cranston 21; M Heap 15, C Bly 21; A Ward 13, A Thornton 21; P Burke 21, A Forrest 15; D Teale 18, C Ellis 21; C Mordue 21, C Scorah 12.

First Round: D Bissell 15, K Wood 21; D Goodall 10, M Fowler 21; G Wike 21, G Coates 16; A Wolfenden 11, J Hynes 21; A Gallagher 21, B Speed 9; M Sweeney 19, D Hewitt 21; J Mordue 20, N Simpson 21; L Hirst 21, A Rukin 11; D Reeves 10, K Smith 21; K Hill 19, A Bairstow 21; S Edmondson 21, A Tattersley 19; N Slattery 21, M Regan 13; C Mordue 19, M Wensley 21; J Wike 17, J Cranston 21; C Bly 21, A Thornton 20; P Burke 21, C Ellis 17.

Second Round: K Wood 16, M Fowler 21; G Wike 19, J Hynes 21; A Gallagher 21, D Hewitt 5; N Simpson 21, L Hirst 18; K Smith 21, A Bairstow 7; S Edmondson 21, N Slattery 14; M Wensley 8, J Cranston 21; C Bly 21, P Burke 7.

Quarter finals: M Fowler 21, J Hynes 20; A Gallagher 21, N Simpson 10; K Smith 19, S Edmondson 21; J Cranston 18, C Bly 21.

Semi finals: M Fowler 13, A Gallagher 21; S Edmondson 21, C Bly 17.

Final: A Gallagher 21, S Edmondson 18.