Mixed fortunes for KBW boxers in hard-fought bouts on the road

KBW boxer Tauseef Suleman with his team following victory over Evan Heritage in Birmingham
KBW boxer Tauseef Suleman with his team following victory over Evan Heritage in Birmingham

It was a busy week for the KBW Gym in Dewsbury with three of their fighters facing away bouts.

Jerry Price returned after six months out of the ring as he travelled to Liverpool to face Ryan Dickens, from Salisbury ABC.

As expected following his lay-off, Price made a slow start to the fight, with Dickens getting his shots off and keeping the KBW boxer at bay with his jab.

Midway through the first round, Price was getting used to his opponent’s movement and was able to land combinations of his own.

Price trapped Dickens against the ropes at the start of the second round as he threw a barrage of punches, forcing his opponent to keep his guard up to block the on coming shots.

Price began throwing shots to the body and landed some telling hooks and Dickens’ movement had started to slow.

Dickens tried his best to keep Price away by throwing punches back and finding some success but the KBW fighter stayed low and kept targeting the body.

Price made a fast start to the third round and kept the pressure on Dickens, setting up his attacks with a double jab.

Once Price was in range he would again target Dickens’ body and was looking back to his impressive self.

However, it was Dickens who was awarded a split points decision, although many ringside observers thought that Price did enough to win the bout.

The KBW team travelled to Birmingham last Friday, where Tauseef Suleman came up against Evan Heritage (Early ABC).

Suleman was eager to keep his winning streak going and was on the front foot from the start.

Heritage tried to confuse Suleman by starting the bout in a orthodox stance, then switching to southpaw but this did not phase the young boxer from Bradford.

Suleman, a natural switch hitter himself, boxed out of both stances, leaving his mark on the first round.

Heritage was eager to impress his home crowd and came rushing out for the second round, trapping Suleman against the ropes with some neat combinations.

Suleman sat against the ropes and slipped and rolled most of the punches, showing his excellent defence skills.

He then started to throw his own punches and landed a solid backhand-hook combination, which stumbled his opponent and silenced the home crowd.

Suleman stepped up the pressure in the third round, stalking his opponent down with clever footwork, while varying his jab to both head and body.

Heritage had no answer to Suleman’s work and when he did manage to throw punches, they were blocked.

Suleman was awarded the bout via a unanimous points decision and he will fight for the Yorkshire title in his next fight.

Hussain Imran made his KBW debut when he faced Eddie Banner (Henry’s Gym) in a skills bout in Hull last Saturday.

Hussain joined the club a year ago as a member of the junior class but quickly moved onto the seniors after showing a natural talent.

Over the three one minute rounds no winner is declared but Hussain showed good boxing skills, using his jab to set up his attacks and head movement to make his opponent miss.