Tattersley overcomes Mordue to win second Spen Winter Sweep

Ashley Tattersley was the latest winner of the Spen Winter Sweep.
Ashley Tattersley was the latest winner of the Spen Winter Sweep.

Ashley Tattersley was the latest winner of the Spen Winetr Sweep bowls competition after he overcame Chris Mordue 21-17 in the final of the week four round last Saturday.

It was Tattersley’s second success in the weekly rounds after he edged out Mark Regan 21-19 in a cracking final of the week two round.

Tattersley faced a gruelling morning of bowls as he had to play six matches on his way to winning the event.

He faced a preliminary round tie, where he brushed aside Kevin Ward 21-5 to reach the last 32.

Victories over Anthony Rukin (21-15), Mark Regan (21-3) and Gary Walker (21-17) set up a semi-final clash against Kez Smith, which he won 21-10.

Mordue overcame Chris Ellis (21-10), Danny Sillitoe (21-9) and Chris Bly (21-9) to set up a semi-final with Paul Burke, which he edged 21-19.

Tattersley built up an early 7-2 lead in the final before Mordue battled back to level at 9-9.

The pair traded blows with the score at 14-14 before Tattersley took a double against Mordue’s jack to edge back in front.

Mordue pulled a point back before two conseutive doubles took Tattersley to the brink of victory at 20-15.

Mordue took a point from the next two ends before Tatterley secured the winning point.

Tattersley’s second success follows that of Josh Brown the previous week.

Preliminary round: Lorraine Hirst 21, Malcolm Wensley 16; Gary Wike 21, Frank Griffin 11; Gary Walker 21, Colin Scorah 14; Paul Holt 21, Michael Heap 17; Anthony Rukin 21, Andy Smith 12; Ash Tattersley 21, Kevin Ward 5; Mark Regan 21, Andy Thornton 11; Josh Mordue 21, Suzy Ladbrooke 12.

Last 32: Dave Bissell 21 Tony Riley 15; Paul Burke 21, Jordan Wike 15; Alan Forest 21, Darren Goodall 19; Duncan Reaves 21, Danny Teale 12; Chris Mordue 21, Chris Ellis 10; Danny Sillitoe 21, Karen Hill 14; Chris Bly 21, Adam Conlon 10; Sarah Edmondson 21, Brian Lee 9; Derek Hewitt 21, Jack Lindsay 15; Kez Smith 21, Neil Simpson 19; Thomas Scorah 21, Michael Sweeney 16; Joe Cranston 21, Mally Fowler 17; Gary Wike 21, Lorraine Hirst 14; Gary Walker 21, Paul Holt 13; Ash Tattersley 21, Anthony Rukin 15; Mark Regan 21, Josh Mordue 16.

Last 16: Paul Burke 21, Dave Bissell 19; Alan Forest 21, Duncan Reeves 20; Chris Mordue 21, Danny Sillitoe 9; Chris Bly 21, Sarah Edmondson 17; Kez Smith 21, Derek Hewitt 14; Joe Cranston 21, Thomas Scorah 15; Gary Walker 21, Gary Wike 10; Ash Tattersley 21, Mark Regan 3.

Quarter-finals: Paul Burke 21, Alan Forest 11; Chris Mordue 21, Chris Bly 9; Kez Smith 21, Joe Cranston 19; Ash Tattersley 21, Gary Walker 16. Semi-finals: Chris Mordue 21, Paul Burke 19; Ash Tattersley 21, Kez Smith 10. Final: Ash Tattersley 21, Chris Mordue 17.