Yorkshire ladies’ defence of crown remains on track

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Yorkshire County Crown Green Ladies reached the semi-finals of the inter-county championship on Sunday in their bid to retain the title.

Yorkshire beat Merseyside by 200 points overall as the away team won by 90 and the home team by 110 setting them up for the semi-final game against Shropshire on August 19.

The away team, playing on a slow green at Pensby, were all winners with good performances from Debi Davies (Pudsey) 21-5, Helen Gilroy (Rufford Park) 21-09, Suzy Ladbrooke (Lockwood Cons) 21-9, Dawn Bray (Ossett Flying Horse) and Hanging Heaton’s Karen Hill.

The home team were at Lindley BC where captain Linda Gledhill (New Mill) opened the scoring with a 21-3 win followed by Suzanne Howarth (New Mill), Chloe Hirst (Lockwood Cons), Sophie Brown (Farnley Tyas) and Lynda Drury (New Mill).

At Lindley BC: Linda Gledhill (New Mill) 21 Barbara McBurney 3; Alicia Beaumont (Meltham) 21, Margaret Lewis 18; Fern Beaumont (New Mill) 21, Margaret Vickers 13; Karen Gant (Meltham) 15, Gill Sheen 21; Suzanne Howarth (New Mill) 21, Joan Walker 4; Chloe Hirst (Lockwood Con) 21, Gerda Evans 4; Jasmin Kendal (Linthwaite C&B) 20, Hazel Morgan 21; Sophie Brown (Farnley Tyas) 21, Ruth Christian 3; Chloe Ghaffer (Meltham) 21, Carole Dunne 19; Lynda Drury (New Mill) 21, Kath Davies 7; Lorraine Hirst (Linthwaite Hall) 21, Linda Howard 11; Julie Mallinson (Lockwood Cons) 21, Sue Wynne 11.

At Pensby: Nichole Farrar (Whitkirk) 21, Samantha Stanley 13; Dawn Bray (Ossett Flying Horse) 21, Tania Gilfoyle 17; Alexis Lunn-Gadd (Ossett Flying Horse) 21, Lynsey Gorman 16; Sharon Gadd (Shipley) 21, Nicki Gilmore 15; Helen Gilroy (Rufford Park) 21, Sue Nugent 9; Lisa Daykin (Thongsbridge) 21, Naureen Bunting 10; Debbie Talbot (New Mill) 21, Susan Lewis 20; Viv Abell (Skipton Broughton Road) 21, Joyce Stead 12; Suzy Ladbrooke (Lockwood Cons) 21, Jean Clark 9; Mandy Wilson (Chapel Allerton) 21, Karen Smith 19; Debi Davis (Pudsey BC) 21, Gaynor Greenfield 05; Karen Hill (Hanging Heaton) 21, Anita Richardson 16.

n The Shirley Shotton Memorial member and guest bowling competition will be held at Mirfield Old Bank Club on Sunday (July 22) starting at 10am.

The competition is now in its sixth year and spectators should be in for a great day’s entertainment with refreshments available throughout. A raffle will be held with all proceeds donated to Cancer Research.