Bulldogs Girls set for historic Australia tour

Batley Bulldogs Girls Rugby League team are counting down the hours until their groundbreaking tour of Australia.

Thursday, 15th October 2015, 9:00 am
Batey Bulldogs Girls will make a ground breaking tour of Australia.

They will become the first all female team to tour Down Under when they embark on their historic trip to Queensland on Tuesday.

During their tour, the Bulldogs Girls will play four matches against a leading school team, a Sunshine Coast district team, the Ipswich Brothers and Australian school champions Merrimac State High.

They will also spend time in the Merrimac school, sampling life as an Australian student.

Girls players in Australia are given 15 hours rugby league lessons a week as part of their curriculum.

Bulldogs Girls coach Craig Taylor said: “It’s been hard work to get this on. The first task was to win our competition so we were able to go to Australia as champions.

“A lot of people thought we were crazy and on a number of occasions people said we would not make it but we have and the girls can’t wait to get stuck in.

“They have been training three to four times a week for the past 10 weeks so are primed and ready to go.

“We have had a small group of parents who have worked hard, given time and money to ensure the tour goes ahead and we thank everybody who donated, attended events and helped the girls in any way.”

A final fundraising event takes place on Saturday, when Francis Cummins and Brian Noble will be guest speakers at the Bulldogs Fox’s Biscuits Stadium, start 7pm, with admission priced £10 available on the door.

The girls will have a kit presentation for the tour this Sunday at Soothill WMC with everyone welcome.

A play on the Bulldogs Girls has also been commissioned, with play write Kevin Fegan, from creative scene, set to accompany the team on the tour.

He will be writing a daily blog for www.theruck.org, while people can also follow the girls exploits via Twitter @bulldogs_girls.