Bulldogs’ breast cancer fundraising tops £65K

Bulldogs coach Matt Diskin was plunged into cold water from the ducking stool.
Bulldogs coach Matt Diskin was plunged into cold water from the ducking stool.

Batley Bulldogs have hailed their fifth annual Pink Weekend a huge success.

Early estimates suggest that this year’s efforts have raised a staggering £14,000 for breast cancer charities and support.

Pink Weekend founder and organiser in chief, Beverley Nicholas, is thrilled with the response and said: “Each year it just seems to get better and better. The fact we had a match success against Dewsbury added to the atmosphere but all were there to have a good time.

“We have always been amazed by the generosity of our fans and having raised £51,000 over the past four Pink Weekends we have now raised over £65,000.

“There can’t be a rugby league club with such generous fans as Batley fans. We may be a small club but we have the fans with the biggest hearts and deepest pockets. The Pink Weekend is now firmly part of the Batley annual calendar.

“The ‘ducking stool’ was again a success, a little chilly for those who thought it was a hot tub, but in they went including the Batley coach Matt Diskin who created a queue of people willing to pay to dunk him.”

Supporters enjoyed a performance of hit song Penny Arcade by Sammy King before kick off, while donations to buy Batley players’ one-off pink strip had already been made.

Batley Boys staged a junior gala and fun day on Saturday, which help boost the fundraising efforts.

A number of Bulldogs supporters will take part in a Wembley Walk before Saturday’s Challenge Cup final and money raised will be added to the total.