Diskin vents frustration on officials as Bulldogs suffer at hand of full-timers

Batley's Alistair Leak runs at the Toulouse defence.
Batley's Alistair Leak runs at the Toulouse defence.

Batley Bulldogs coach Matt Diskin vented his frustrations on match officials following his side’s 38-12 defeat at home to high flying full-time opponents Toulouse Olympique.

Batley deservedly led 12-10 at half-time but saw key decisions go against them after the break, which starved them of possession and allowed Toulouse to run in five unanswered tries.

A frustrated Diskin said: “I thought in the first half we were okay. I thought the second half was refereed with some quite obvious bias.

“We have come across that in the last few weeks. Referees are refereeing full-time teams differently to what they are part-time teams.

“I thought that showed. There were a couple of key decisions that changed the momentum in the second half and we couldn’t get back in the game.”

“You try to speak to the RFL department at Red Hall and there’s no response, they don’t want entertain you, so you’re left to try to deal with stuff yourself.

“That’s not condoning the two players that were sin-binned and sent-off, mouthing at the referee is unacceptable and I’ll deal will that accordingly.

“There will be fines in place for them, but I can understand the frustration when you see full-time teams being refereed differently to part-time teams.”

“The first half I thought we were good. We could have taken some more opportunities and we had a couple of people step out of systems in defence, but we did some decent stuff.

“We controlled the tempo and the ruck was really good. We handled Con Mika well for the majority of it, but in the second half when you are down to 12 men for over 20 minutes of it it is going to be tough to control the rucks and Toulouse took advantage of that.”

One key decision turned the course of the game when Batley were pulled up for a knock on, despite strong claims the ball was stripped in a tackle.

Diskin added: “It changed the whole momentum of the half and it was an absolutely ridiculous decision. It’s a penalty to Batley every day of the week, but the referee refereeing with a certain bias perceives it as a knock-on and how he’s got that decision I don’t know.”

“We started the second half and kicked out on the full straight away which puts us under pressure but a poor decision really turned the momentum.

“Once that momentum changes, whether that’s teams working hard for it themselves or being gifted it by an official, it is hard to get back hold of.

“The scorelines don’t reflect how competitive we’ve been but that’s rugby league for you.”