Talking Sport: Fans set for summer’s sporting drama

Trevor Watson
Trevor Watson

Wow isn’t it exciting? We’re nicely into Wimbledon, there’s huge excitement over the England women in football’s World Cup and the Ashes series starts next week.

Drama, drama, surely we can’t take much more, it’s a good job the X Factor isn’t on with another dog act.

The RL Challenge Cup got things off to a good start last weekend with the BBC particularly fortunate to have two cracking quarter-finals in which underdogs Leigh and Widnes almost turned over fancied home sides Warrington and St Helens respectively.

I know I harp on about this but it’s a shame we now have to wait another month before the semi-finals.

Fans are lifted by quality matches then the excitement of the draw and it’s all left on hold and often supporters are on holiday when they’re played. We don’t learn.

Old fashioned or not, I also dislike the habit of interviewing a player from each side at half-time when all they want to do is get straight into the dressing room. It doesn’t happen in other sports and is dangerous, when lads are fired up they could say something they regret.

Not many can rattle off the names of the England women’s football team, some of whom are part-time but when they reached the world semi-finals it was the cue for traditional hysteria.

There were even sweets - or is it tweets? - of praise from Prince William and inevitably his mate David Beckham.

But the screeching commentary on TV grates and coach Mark Sampson is way over the top with silly remarks such as describing one lass as a ‘Mini Messi’ after she had scored a goal — I don’t think she’s scored since — and critising Canada before the quarter-final for allegedly using tough tactics.

It’s not the best way to win friends and puts pressure on the players.

If you want big pre-match talk leave it to the former cricketers, who can’t shut up, and, weather permitting, this should be an exceptional Ashes series.

England’s cricketers have been to Spain with their new coach for ‘bonding’ whatever that means. At one time it was Blackpool or Scarborough and in any case you can surely bond over here just as well.

They could have sent the players and the new boss to that noisy place Glastonbury, it seems everybody else went, although having our Test stars near drug takers is probably risky as the fumes might affect them.

Things are hotting up in football with all the top clubs seeking to add to their already sizeable and expensive squads often with players we’ve never heard of. It seems money is no object and it means more new shirts to sell.

Dewsbury Rams deserve credit for sticking to their reserve team and coach Glenn Morrison saying some will be given first team contracts.

This area has always produced quality players and will continue to do it with the right encouragement.