LETTERS: Who is the least worst option?

David Cameron.
David Cameron.

I am not looking forward to this election. If I vote, it will be holding my nose with one hand and voting with a long spoon with the other. If I vote...

In the Red Corner, we have ‘he’s tough and strong, he’s the Milky Bar Ed’, or in the blue corner, we have the ‘Flaky bar Cam’.

Flaky Cam - bits fell off with his failure to cut immigration as promised, he failed to balance the books, to match tax with current spending. Labour said he was cutting too deep and too fast, only to now complain he did not cut enough. And overall borrowing has gone through the roof. He promised no top down NHS reform, only to reform it. (I might argue there were too many middle managers chasing after targets, but Flaky did not make that argument, he said no top down reform!).

Milky Bar still attacks the banks as they shut branches, and the investment banks cut back on their activities and bankers go abroad.

All that’s far removed from us. We can see how good Labour is locally, walk down Soothill and see the new Hobbit houses going up, they are small...the future of the 1,900 homes going up in the future round here on green fields/belt? Look at Batley and how Labour has helped shops shut, they have done nothing to keep them open! Look at how local services are planned to be cut in the short term. Look how they kept the cash office open for council taxes...they shut it. But more importantly they could not even put together a credible Local Plan for houses and employment; it failed on initial scrutiny by an independent inspector.

If you want the green belt to see tens of thousands of houses vote Labour. Vote for failed economic planning, vote for incompetence, and deaths in hospitals run by weekday doctors.

But note Leeds was planning for 70,000 homes then the Office of National Statistics said they only needed 40,000. Did the bright sparks of Labour Kirklees say, then our 30,000 homes may be suspect? No, they said they would go ahead anyway. Are the 30,000 houses sustainable? Have employment opportunities in Kirklees increased in over a decade? No, they have decreased, especially in manufacturing. So by looking at the recent past under your Labour council, you can see your future - and it isn’t pretty

Both look to have melted in the spotlight. Not a case of who do you trust, but what’s the least worst option?

Derek Cartwright

Manor Farm Drive, Batley