Talking Sport: Scots vote ‘yes’

Well, the big Scottish vote has taken place and the Scots have made a much-acclaimed decision. Yes, the enlightened lads of St Andrews Golf Club have voted to allow women to become members for the first time since Robert the Bruce started swinging a club.

Friday, 26th September 2014, 7:00 am
Trevor Watson

They had an 85 per-cent vote in favour of the lassies, which makes you wonder who the other 15 per-cent were and what they look like. We should be told.

I suppose the ‘No’ voters were concerned that if Great Britain - and Europe - again beat the Americans this weekend and retain the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles, the women members will insist there is a saucer and a nice clean table cloth to go with the cup when it’s on the sideboard.

I have never understood this sexist stuff, nobody demands changes to be made in women’s only sports clubs - not that I have any desire to join one, I couldn’t stand the noise, but each to his or her own. A journalist friend once did some work for free for a local club. She met the committee and was told: ‘You’re very lucky to be in here. The only woman we normally allow in is the cleaner.’

There has also been a kerfuffle about Bogota Humana women’s cycling team in Colombia, who have a new flesh-coloured kit which apparently makes them look naked from the waist down. It also applies to the men but for some reason the women are getting all the attention and the cycling authorities are to ban the outfit. It’s a safe bet some clown will copy it over here, yet I doubt if anybody has ever even heard of the club.

I can still hear the laughter from happy Leeds U and Liverpool fans over Man U’s great collapse at Leicester from 3-1 up to 5-3 defeat. At the start of Match of the Day the commentator drooled: ‘A front three to strike terror in the rest of the Premier League.’ He didn’t mention the back four, who provided pure comedy as a lad called Jamie Vardy terrorised them.

Vardy was picked up by Fleetwood from non-league football three years ago before Leicester took a gamble on him. Somebody at both clubs deserves the highest praise for their foresight.

In the school playground we used to play cricket and if somebody was out first ball he was given another chance. It was called a ‘sally.’

All these years later the idea has been picked up by rugby league for their play-offs. Thus Huddersfield and Castleford were hammered in their matches but are given another chance and this time both are at home. It seems odd and judging by the attendances for all the play-off matches, many supporters don’t believe in it either.

At least Dewsbury Rams haven’t needed any ‘sallies’ with a storming win at Halifax in the Championship play-offs and nilling them was a great effort. Full marks to coach Glen Morrison and his charges.

Anthony Thackeray now has 27 tries this time which is superb for a half-back. ‘Trams’ deserve better than to visit table-toppers Leigh in the qualifying semi-final but they lost only 30-22 there in the league in June and must have a chance.